When our employees are working on a project, they like to have peek into the client’s kitchen. That demands trust and discretion. So it goes without saying that we are very cautious about what we do with the information we possess with regard to our projects. Including the projects that we carry out for you.
Nonetheless, in order to get an idea about the nature of our work and the value we can deliver to our clients, we invite you to read about a few of our projects in the brief discussions we present below.

  • Marcey's & Craftworks

    Marcey's & Craftworks

    Craftworks developed a milkshake machine for a joint venture which included Danone. This product has since been marketed under the name Marcey’s. The project is a beautiful example of how we possess all the skills for in house product development, support for the manufacturer, and product launch.

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  • The Coca Cola Company & Craftworks

    The Coca Cola Company & Craftworks

    We develop dispensing machines for the Coca Cola Company. We make prototypes for bottle and beverage dispensing machines, design cooling systems and work on ideas to reduce electricity consumption.

  • Jacobs Douwe Egberts & Craftworks

    Jacobs Douwe Egberts & Craftworks

    We provide a wide range of services to Jacobs Douwe Egberts. Beyond increasing the reliability of their coffee machines and making it easier to keep them clean, we develop and build special laboratory equipment.

  • LambWeston-Meijer & Craftworks

    LambWeston-Meijer & Craftworks

    For LambWeston-Meijer, a producer of frozen potato products, we’ve developed robust measuring equipment to monitor quality parameters. This equipment, which contains a combination of laser measurement technology and image processing, is utilized on the production floor as well as in the fields.

A few of our clients: